92-year-old woman hasn’t received any birthday wishes in a years, what happened on her last birthday will surprise you.

A great-great-grandmother claims that receiving more than 1,000 Christmas cards from all over the world has helped her to regain her faith in people.

92-year-old Due to the aging and deaths of her pals, Nancy Letham often only gets four cards over the holiday season.

But since a late October internet plea, Nancy has been receiving about 50 cards each day, including several from Portuguese schoolchildren who illustrated them for her.

Leo Sheppard, Nancy’s granddaughter, expected to get about 40 cards from locals in Fife, Scotland, where the family resides. Presently, cards are arriving from Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia, the United States, and India.

Mom-of-seven Nancy has gotten Christmas ornaments, chocolates, flowers, and well wishes. She has 17 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren, and ten great-great-grandchildren.

There are some lovely cards, and they come from all around the world, she remarked. I didn’t anticipate that.

Nancy, who is no longer able to see clearly, is given a reading of the cards by Leo. Simply put, she continued, ‘It’s just lovely to see how many people have taken the time.’

People are writing letters to her and sharing details of their lives and hardships, in addition to sending her cards. It serves to reassure my grandmother that she is not alone in the world.

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