Oliver Anthony Turns Down Offer to Play “Friends in Low Places” Grand Opening: “I’m Not a Garth Fan”

If you haven’t heard Oliver Anthony’s new American anthem, “Rich Men North of Virginia,” you probably live under a rock. After pundits on the right caught a whiff of how great the song could be with some exposure, it blew up to number one on the charts.

“The offers just started coming in,” said Anthony’s manager, Joe Barron, “It looks like Oliver has a really successful career ahead of him.” Barron says the only offer the rising star has turned down was from Garth Brooks.

“Brooks asked him to play the grand opening of his new bar in Nashville,” he laughed, “Oliver got on the phone personally and told him ‘sorry, I’m not a Garth fan.’ Even though something like that might pay well, it’s not worth the stain on his reputation.”

Brooks was boycotted three months ago for his views on conservatives and Bud Light. It doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon.

ALLOD Correspondent Tara Newhole caught up to Oliver at his home just south of Richmond to ask how he was coping with all the exposure. “I’m dead center politically,” he told Newhole, “but that doesn’t mean I won’t let John Rich produce an album for me.”

Anthony’s music, which includes lyrics about poor people weighing too much and being fed fudge rounds from the US treasury, certainly shows just how down the middle he seems to be.

Thanks for your honesty, Oliver. God Bless America.

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