Samsung Ends Partnership With Best Buy “Before They Become Bud Light”

In a stunning move few saw coming, Samsung Electronics is pulling its line from Best Buy. According to insiders with direct knowledge of the rumor, it’s not a rumor at all.

Several sources have now confirmed that Samsung’s Vice President of US Sales, Joe Barron, sent out a memo to the upper and middle management outlining the plans for “immediate withdrawal from all Best Buy Stores.”

“We have to be ready,” said the message, “Should things take a turn for the worse as they did for Bud Light, we need to be able to pull out overnight.”

It’s a wise move to have your ducks in a row in today’s political climate. Samsung recognizes that Best Buy, the company that will only hire minorities for management positions, could be headed for the same fate as ANInbev.

ALLOD Correspondent Tara Newhole caught up with Samsung’s Director of Pulling Out, Bristol Palin. “The trick is to teach everyone how so they can do it, but then to wait until the last possible moment to actually get it done,” she told Tara, “It’s a little bit risky, but the worst that can happen is a little bit of hypocrisy and your very own TV show. Until it gets canceled.”

Palin has extensive experience in the field. Samsung was wise to bring her on board.

Looks like another company is about to learn the heard way. Go woke go broke. God Bless America.

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