Expectations were high for the Ruhun Duymaz (Your Soul Don’t Hear) series, which continued to be broadcast on Fox TV screens on Monday evenings. It was especially important that Burcu Özberk’s return to the screen was eagerly awaited by her fans as the queen of romantic comedy stories.

After being very successful in romantic comedy stories in which Şükrü Özyıldız also took part, expectations for the new series increased when he became a partner with Burcu Özberk. So far, 3 episodes from the Ruhun Duymaz series have been published.

Even though it has found good support on social media, it is disappointing to see the ratings of Ruhun Duymaz. Despite the fact that the two successful protagonists have achieved a good harmony and excite the audience with their high energy, the ratings of the series are not good.

Ruhun Duymaz, which is expected to be the most watched series of the summer period, creates surprise by getting even lower ratings than the final decision of Veda Mektubu (Farewell Letter).

The 3rd episode of the series was able to be 3rd in all individuals and AB groups. On the other hand, the ratings of the series, which is in the 6th place in the ABC1 group, are well below the expectations.

Fans of the series are anxiously awaiting how long Fox TV will tolerate these ratings.

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