Music icon Pat Boone backs Jason Aldean, says leftists are infected with ‘moral sickness’ over hate for ‘Try That in a Small Town’

Boone, 89, told Watters that country music has “gotten sick” over opposition to Aldean’s anti-woke song.

“I can’t believe it’s country music,” he said, noting that the songs of another country music star — Trace Adkins — have been “very supportive of opposing America’s enemies. What we’re not taking into account is that many of our enemies are in our own house … and our own streets.”

Providing an example, Boone quipped that “I live in a small town called Beverly Hills” and that recently in “broad daylight three hoodlums broke into a house up the street, and the police had to remove us from our house while they searched because two of the criminals they caught, but one got away down the back alley over here, and they thought he might have gotten into our yard.”

He added that “a neighbor, a tough little Italian lady … had taken some shooting lessons and had a gun sitting in her lap.” Boone noted that when he warned the woman about what was going on, she said she was “hoping that the guy would come in. She wanted to discourage him in a very positive way.”

Boone also held aloft an old Colt .44 that he said his grandfather gave him, noting that it was the type of firearm commonly on hand for defending families and property in earlier times when the Second Amendment wasn’t under fire.

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