Reba McEntire Speaks Out: “Small Town Is As Country As Country Gets”

There is no true country music queen like the icon, Reba McEntire. She’s been around for decades, and has seen the changes in country music and the country itself. And there’s one thing that Reba knows, and that’s what country music is.

Recently, country music superstar Jason Aldean released the music video for the mega hit “Try That In A Small Town”. People on the left have called it “racist”, “hateful” and “pro lynching”. Even CMT, Country Music Television had pulled the video, resulting in a major backlash that’s cost them millions.

Country music stars far and wide stood in solidarity with Aldean, even the most tenured veterans of the genre, like Hank Williams JR and others. But there has been silence from true country music royalty, and now, that royalty has spoken, and spoken loudly.

In an interview to be released by a the biggest country music website, leading country music aficionado and journalist Joseph A Barron spoke with Country’s Reigning Queen, Reba McEntire. And the queen did not mince words. She was angry at the controversy. She stands with Jason Aldean.

“That song is as country as country gets!” She proclaimed. “That’s what we do in small towns. We stand up. We fight for our towns. And unlike Robert E Lee, we’re gonna win this fight”. Reba spoke of the real south, and the mystery of “sundown towns”. “That’s when the nightlife happens, at sundown when we get rid of all them people”

Real country music fans are conservative, Christian, real salt of the earth people like Reba and Jason. They’re tired of seeing “wokism” destroy the utopia of what could be. Nobody knows adversity like Jason Aldean, whether it’s pretending to be a real tough cowboy and running at the sound of gunfire or passing out from a hot day in Connecticut after playing golf.

Now that the queen has spoke, maybe CMT will restore the video to all its glory and let confederate flag waving lunatics walk with pride as if they’ve done something, completely missing the point that Aldean would never live in a small town and enjoys his mansion that’s kept closed to regular folk as to not bother him. God bless America!

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