Gordon Ramsay Walks Off ‘The View’ in a Rage

If there’s anyone we’ve had plenty of notice not to enrage, it’s Chef Gordon Ramsay. Over the course of all of his television shows like “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Kitchen Nightmares”, and “The F-Word”, he’s become as legendary for his quick temper as Donald Trump has for his fragile ego.

That temper was in full effect last week, as Ramsay was a guest on daytime talk fest The View, interacting with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar in a scripted cooking segment.

As the segment began, it was clear that Ramsay was uncomfortable, making a sour face at every terrible joke that Goldberg threw out. Behar, the picture of laughs, followed suit, which seemed to intensify the chef’s bad mood as time went on.

Finally, as Goldberg finished her dish of roasted lamb shank with chocolate green beans, Ramsay seemed to have lost it and began yelling as only he can.

“What in the f**ck do you two moo cows think you’re making here? It’s rubbish! Jesus Christ, you’re the bloody Adolf f**cking Hitler of food! Look at it! It looks like a dog’s insides! You’re going to KILL SOMEONE!”

Ramsay then stomped off the set and out into the Green Room in front of a shocked audience. Final show guest Sandra Batt was there, awaiting her talk about chemtrails, and confirmed the chef’s awful mood.

“His face was beet red and he took off his microphones, threw them at the wall, called me a ‘bloody old tosser’, and left out to his car. It was frightening.”

The episode starring Ramsay will air next month on February 30th.

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