These celebrities will never learn. First Garth Brooks. Now Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has thrown his support for Bud Light and the so called trans community. And his fans are letting him know in no uncertain terms how they feel about it. They’re done with wokism! Keep your politics out of our football!!

Kansas City Cheifs fans are mainly conservative patriots living in America’s Heartland. These are salt of the earth people, tough, proud Americans. They saw the unAmerican, ungodly slant that Bud Light was promoting. They saw Garth Brooks, once an American country music hero turn his back on their beliefs. And they’re not going to take it any longer.

Long time Kansas City fan Joe Barron is just done with it. “First my beer. Then my favorite country star. Now my favorite football player” he exclaimed while setting his jersey alight. “I can’t have nothing no more, and I am tired of it”.

The free thinking Baron was angry and being the free thinking totally not a sheep American, followed the trend of other dummies who get mad over someone thinking differently than they do.

Whether it’s down their throats, up their behinds, or lovingly caressed with soft manly hands, these patriots aren’t taking it laying down anymore. They’ll stand hard, totally erect, rigid and at attention for what they think they believe in. Travis Kelce is just a football player, not like their cousin jed or anyone of real importance to them.

And in America’s heartland, what else really is there but crappy country music, getting drunk on pisswater beer or one of the only times your football team really wins something.

Pretty soon these midwestern simpletons are just gonna have their sisters and cousin and more generations of inbreeding and cops episodes. God Bless America.

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