Garth Brooks Announced As Grand Marshall In 2024 Pride Parade

Garth Brooks was once the biggest country music star in the world. Now, he’s a wokester standing with Bud Light. And this week, may be the last straw for fans. Garth Brooks has been announced as the Grand Marshall for a pride parade in Oregon, which is the biggest in the state and the region. It’s a slap in the face to long time patriotic country fans.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the parade sponsor, which of course is Bud Light. They’re not even hiding it anymore. It’s on full display. Garth Brooks is actively standing against his fans and their faith. And we all know how Bud Light is. This disgusting display of pride will be in front of children, Christians, everyone.

The parade will take place in the town of Rogah Butte, Oregon, a suburb of Portland. Portland is a liberal craphole already and it’s infected all of the towns nearby. Mayor of Rogah Butte, Joseph Barron actively campaigned to have the event held in his town. “Rogah Butte is an accepting community and having Garth Brooks not only lead the parade but also give a performance of all of his hits will bring people of all ages to Rogah Butte to partake in the festivities!”

The citizens of the Portland suburb have been trying to get the parade out of their town, but to no avail. “We’re a Christian community, we don’t accept this kind of deviancy and it’s being forced down our throats” longtime resident Sandy Batt. “We’re done taking it from behind. They’re not going to ball gag us anymore”. Batt believes these men need spankings from other strong men to teach them a lesson.

We don’t know why these sweaty, muscled, oiled hunks of man meat need to dance around gyrating their hips and why Garth Brooks isn’t joining them, but one thing matters. Angry conservatives will be there, pretending to protest while taking it all in and waxing their carrots when they get home. God bless America.

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