San Diego Zoo Safari Park Celebrates Birth of Rare Horse Once Thought to Be Extinct

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Thursday announced the birth of a young horse from a critically endangered species considered extinct in the wild until 1996.

The unnamed foal, a Przewalski’s horse, was born June 11 to mother Nikki and father Ziggy, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance said in a news release.

The parents were recommended by the Association of Zoo and Aquariums’ Przewalski’s Horse Species Survival Plan, which conservationists across the U.S. oversee to ensure healthy and genetically diverse populations.

Sometimes known as “the last wild horse,” the Przewalski’s horse has survived for 40 years almost entirely in zoos around the world, according to the Wildlife Alliance, a nonprofit international conservation organization.

Przewalski’s horses have been reintroduced into their native habitats, resulting in several herds in grasslands in China and Mongolia.

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