Kathy Griffin Begs Elon Musk to Drop His Lawsuit: “It Was Just a Joke”

Kathy Griffin is finally starting to understand what it’s like to be on Elon Musk’s bad side. The billionaire filed more than $900 million in lawsuits against the comedienne for defamation of character, slander, and breach of contract for abusing the blue check mark system.

While the suit may seem silly, Musk has the money and power to pursue it for a decade if he wants, which would essentially ruin Griffin financially. “I don’t need her money,” said Musk, “I just want for her to not have it either.”

The judge in the case, the Honorable Joe Barron of the 32nd District Superior Court of California and Utah, says it amounts to “a childish game just to ‘win,’ but it’s perfectly legal.” Griffin’s attorney says they’d love to countersue but it’s unlikely they’d be able to beat Musk.

The whole thing started when Griffin impersonated Mr. Musk on Twitter using the blue check mark system, saying things he would never say. While it may have seemed like it was all in good fun, Musk’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, said “someone has to teach people like Kathy Griffin that things are only funny if Elon says so.”

Tubolls says Musk will likely keep using tactics such as these to ruin Griffin. Earlier this week h purchased the land on all 4 sides of her Malibu home and vowed to turn the whole area, and anywhere else she decides to move, into a homeless encampment.

The man is playing 4D chess, patriots. Amazing stuff.

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