Roseanne’s new show will air on Fox weekdays at 11 AM, and 10 AM Central and Pacific. It will share the same time slot as ABC’s “The View” and compete directly for its audience.

According to Barr’s Rep for the show, Joe Barron, the shown will be called “Unwoke America.” Audiences have already been tested and responded to the show and title “very well.”

The show will feature a panel, much like the View, of influential people discussing current events and politics, but with a conservative slant.

So far, Dennis Millen and Candace Cam3eron Bure have signed on, and there are rumors that Craig T. Nelson will also join the group. To round it out, they’re looking for another male conservative with some sex appeal, so they’re considering either Kevin Sorbo or Scott Baio.

Whoopi has been extremely vocal about how upset she is that this version of the Roseanne multiverse has reached this close to home for her. “When she was gonna do some sitcom with Ti8m Allen, I was all like…go for it,” said the outspoken former actress and comedian, “now she wants to come into my airspace? Hell no.”

Goldberg doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on, as she has no what happens at other networks. All she can do is hope Americans with time to watch cable at 11AM want to see a bunch of guys pal around with Roseanne while she talks about her libtard kids and inbred upbringings.

It’s gonna be a blast, patriots. We’ll be tuned in, and so should you. God Bless America.

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