On this the day of the new year, we have some very tragic news to share. Natalie Cole died when she was 65 years old. The family of Natalie Cole has verified that she died on New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2015), and they have issued the following statement:

We must convey the sad news of the passing of our mother and sister to you all with heavy hearts. Natalie fought valiantly and bravely, passing away with strength, honour, and the same dignity with which she had lived. We will mourn our beloved mother and sister dearly,

Natalie battled substance usage and was diagnosed with liver illness in 2008. She ultimately underwent a transplant. Additionally, she developed Hepatitis C, for which she received chemotherapy. Natalie, who has a son,65 and has been married three times.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Natalie Cole’s child and the rest of her family because this is so tragic. We are deeply grateful to Ms. Cole for blessing us with incredible music that spoke to our souls. Rest in peace.

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