Johnny Depp’s 60th Birthday Concert Turns Into Mass Singalong Of “Happy Birthday” By 40,000 Fans

The excitement was palpable as Johnny Depp, renowned actor and musician, took the stage with his band, Hollywood Vampires, at Bucharest’s Romexpo arena in Romania. It was a special night, marking not only the beginning of their European tour but also Depp’s milestone 60th birthday. The crowd of 40,000 eagerly awaited the stroke of midnight to join bandmate Alice Cooper in a heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday” dedicated to the beloved star.

As the melodic chorus filled the air, a video capturing the memorable moment was shared on Instagram, capturing Depp’s genuine gratitude. The actor graciously acknowledged the overwhelming display of affection from his fans, expressing his awe at the sheer magnitude of the birthday serenade. With his right hand pressed to his heart, he blew a heartfelt kiss to the crowd, leaving no doubt of his appreciation.

Despite sporting a soft leg cast on his left leg due to a recent ankle fracture, Depp’s passion for performing was unwavering. This concert marked Hollywood Vampires’ first show since the unfortunate injury that led to the rescheduling of three previous performances in New Hampshire, Boston, and New York. Undeterred by adversity, Depp remained committed to his craft and eagerly took the stage, inspiring fans with his determination and resilience.

Prior to the concert, both Depp and his band took to Instagram to announce their presence in Bucharest and share their upcoming charitable endeavors. Depp revealed that the income generated from their forthcoming show in Istanbul would be donated to the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), providing much-needed support to areas devastated by recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

In an interview with a Romanian television crew before the performance, Depp playfully channeled his iconic Pirates of the Caribbean character, Captain Jack Sparrow. Amid discussions about his acting career, his work with Hollywood Vampires, and his upcoming directorial venture, Modigliani, Depp revealed his enthusiasm for an upcoming film project. Set to commence in September and co-produced by Al Pacino and Barry Navidi, the movie will delve into the fascinating life of Amedeo Modigliani, an early 20th-century Italian artist. Depp’s passion for meaningful storytelling shines through as he shared his commitment to projects that resonate with him and allow him to make a significant contribution.

The Hollywood Vampires’ tour is set to continue until the end of July, with plans to make up for the missed shows following Depp’s ankle fracture. During the Bucharest concert, the band delighted fans by announcing additional tour dates, ensuring that more audiences will have the opportunity to witness their electrifying performances.

In another exciting development, the North American distribution rights to Depp’s latest movie, Jeanne du Barry, have been acquired by the esteemed film distribution and production company, Vertical. Although no release date has been announced, audiences in the United States can anticipate the captivating French-language film, featuring Depp in the role of France’s 18th-century King Louis XV, following its world premiere at the prestigious 2023 Cannes Film Festival in May.

As Johnny Depp celebrates this significant milestone, his fans shower him with well-wishes and admiration. His enduring talent, coupled with his dedication to philanthropy and artistic exploration, continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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