Alina Boz changed her perspective, dived into deep topics on youtube!

Famous actress Alina Boz was born in Russia in 1998 and has built a new life for herself in Turkey since her childhood. Alina Boz, who has made a name for herself with various projects she has been involved in since 2016, is known as one of the most successful actresses of recent years.

The famous actress, who is popular with the character of Hazal in the series Paramparça (Shattered), became one of the names that will not leave the minds and hearts of her fans with the character of Azra in the series Elimi Bırakma.

In addition to the Maraşlı series, the actress, who won success with Aşk 101, was on the screen with her latest project called Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale). The series, which aired at the beginning of this season, remained a 13-episode production as it did not receive good enough ratings.

The actor, who was talked about with his performance in the movie named Yılbaşı (New Year’s Eve), has been going through a rest period for a while. Alina Boz, who was the guest of İbrahim Selim’s program broadcast on Youtube, explained that she has recently changed her perspective and dived into different subjects.

Talking about watching videos on different topics by saying, “I sometimes fall into strange pits on Youtube,” the actress said that she does not have repetitive routines.

Alina Boz said, “I’m too lazy to get caught up in something. After a point, while doing the same thing, it seems to me to narrow. If I watch anyone on YouTube every day, I get choked up,” she said.

Explaining that he now focuses on political events by changing his perspective on the subjects she watches on Youtube, the actress mentioned that she especially follows videos on topics such as the 5 families that rule the world.

Alina Boz said, “I have changed my perspective these days. I’m watching something about the world. For example, the way the world is going, politics, like the 5 big families that rule the world… These days, I’m stuck with them. Because we live in a very interesting period, ”she said.

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