Devin character in the Aile series will go ahead of Aslan

While the action and tension gradually increased in Ay Yapım’s Aile (Family) series, which was screened on Show TV, the second promotion from the new episode was released. What will happen after İlyas Koruzade, who comes as a great threat to the Soykans, enters the Soykans’ house is already eagerly awaited.

The doors of a new era are opened when the character of Devin, played by Serenay Sarıkaya, becomes a partner in the crimes of the Soykan family. In addition to the power struggle between the character of Hülya played by Nur Sürer and Devin, Devin’s interventions in Aslan’s leadership position will also affect the later episodes of the Aile series.

That’s why the details in the 10th new episode are so important. At the point of Devin’s transformation, it seems possible that the character will come to the fore more from now on and Aslan may even get ahead of him by being a partner in his plans.

In the 2nd promo episode of Aile’s new episode, Devin asked Aslan, “Do you think I’ve become Soykan?” asked. It is noteworthy that she asked the question. While İlyas Koruzade’s uneasy gaze at Yağmur raises the tension, Seher Hanım’s call to Devin as “Hülya” creates surprise.

While Hülya tells Devin that she knows about her meetings with Cihan, the moments when Aslan and İlyas Koruzade meet increase the excitement.

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